Monday, October 2, 2023

Which word is Kapil Sharma not allowed to speak on his show?

Famous Indian comedian Kapil Sharma says that he is not allowed to speak certain words on his own show. Talking on Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor’s show, Kapil Sharma said that humor has changed a lot in today’s era. And people think bad. Kareena Kapoor asked Kapil that when he writes the script, do he keep in mind what things to make fun of and what things to refrain from? On this, Kapil said that in today’s era, due to social media, people’s information and awareness has increased, now people have started seeing things from a different angle and that is the reason why they have become more sensitive and are easily offended.

Kapil told Kareena that ‘this happens often, we come from such a society, for example I am from Amritsar, Punjab, there is a culture where girls tease and make fun of boys on the occasion of marriage. . Making fun of someone’s appearance and size has also been common in the society, but now if we do it, it is called body shaming. “When you work on big channels, you can’t even imagine what kind of restrictions they impose,” he said. When I came, I asked him for an explanation, on which he told that people who are jokingly called crazy are actually considered bad, so don’t use that word.

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