Monday, July 22, 2024

Heartbreaking Update on Survival of Tourist of Titanic Submarine Carrying Pakistani Billionaire

Search operation for the missing Ocean Gate Titan Submarine is still underway. The submersible is carrying five people including a Pakistani Billionaire and his son, a British adventurer, founder of OceanGate, and a French diver.

According to the latest updates, the Titan has crossed the oxygen supply limit of 96 hours, however, there is no confirmed news about its survival. Experts are also predicting that if passengers take measures to conserve breathable air, the oxygen supply period can be extended.

The submarine went missing on Sunday when the US Coast Guard received notification from its command ship that they have lost contact with the vessel. The submersible lost its contact when it was 900 miles east of Cape Cod. As per the news, the OceanGate titan was on its venture to see the remains of Titanic.

A massive search mission is ongoing as the oxygen supply limit has been crossed and the limited supply of ration is expected, making survival difficult.

An unmanned robot integrated into a French research ship is deployed near the wreck of Titanic to facilitate the search operation. In addition, UK Navy Submariner, French Vessel L’ Atalante ROV, and Motor Vessel Horizon Arctic (ROV) are deployed to conduct the search for the lost Titan.

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