Friday, September 29, 2023

HEC Withdraws Notification of Banning Holi in Pakistani Universities After Criticism

HEC has taken back its decision to ban Holi in Pakistani Universities as the declaration received much criticism about freedom of religious celebrations and festivals. The Executive Director of HEC, Dr. Shaista Sohail released the statement emphasizing that Higher Education Commission Pakistan respects all religions, their festivals, and faiths.

After the joyous celebration of the Hindu Festival Holi at a Pakistani University, HEC banned such activities, however, the decision faced many denunciations. The Head of Prime Minister Strategic Reforms, Salman Sufi also released the statement clarifying that the education minister has forwarded the instructions to HEC about the withdrawal of the ban.

Higher Education Commission then clarified that it did not intend to ban any festivity. Moreover, their prime focus is to promote strategies that strengthen academic excellence and research quality.

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