Saturday, March 2, 2024

Here’re the Steps to avoid Google Account Deletion Due to Inactivity

Google’s decision to delete inactive accounts stems from security risks associated with dormant profiles. Inactive accounts are more vulnerable to hacking, leaving personal information exposed and increasing the likelihood of identity theft or scams. To safeguard a Google account at risk of deletion due to inactivity, users should take proactive steps.

The simplest method is to log into the Google account or associated services regularly, ensuring activity at least once every two years. This prevents the account from being marked as inactive and slated for deletion.

Furthermore, given Google’s emphasis on security concerns, enabling 2-step verification is crucial. This additional layer of security significantly reduces the chances of unauthorized access, providing an extra barrier against potential hacking attempts. This precautionary measure should extend beyond Google accounts to all online profiles, fortifying overall cybersecurity and mitigating the risks associated with inactive or vulnerable accounts.

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