Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Here’s How Much ‘Ducky Bhai’ Earns from YouTube

The YouTube comedy channel known as Ducky Bhai has garnered 3.85 million subscribers since its establishment in 2017. Originating from Pakistan, Ducky Bhai’s actual net worth is currently under verification, but estimations from Net Worth Spot suggest it could surpass $6.42 million.

However, speculation among some suggests that Ducky Bhai’s net worth might exceed these figures, potentially reaching as high as $8.99 million. On a monthly basis, the channel receives an average of 26.75 million views, translating to approximately 891.73 thousand views each day.

When a channel is monetized through advertisements, income is generated for every thousand video views. The usual range for earnings is between $3 to $7 per thousand views. With this data, it’s projected that the Ducky Bhai YouTube channel generates around $107.01 thousand in ad revenue each month, totaling about $1.61 million annually.

Yet, this projection could potentially be conservative. If Ducky Bhai’s channel performs exceptionally well, ad revenue might escalate to as much as $2.89 million annually.

It’s worth noting that relying on a single source of revenue is atypical for YouTubers. Often, influencers diversify their income streams by selling their own merchandise, securing sponsorships, or earning commissions through affiliate partnerships.

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