Thursday, November 30, 2023

Here’s How Much “Ducky Bhai” Makes from his Youtube Channel

Saad Ur Rehman’ Who is better known as Ducky Bhai, is a Pakistani YouTuber, Gamer, and roaster. Ducky Bhai’s Real Name Is Saad U, Rehman. He is Pakistan’s top Youtuber. In 2020, he won the Pisa Award for Top Youtuber.

Award winning YouTuber, Saad Ur Rehman, commonly known as Ducky Bhai, has angered his followers with a suggestion that everyone who can, must leave Pakistan immediately, returning only when things improve.Famous for his videos where he roasts people wantonly –

Ducky Bhai recently took to his Twitter to advise people on moving abroad and coming back when Pakistan is stable.“Honestly, if you have resources, leave Pakistan ASAP. Keep your passport and nationality. You can always come back when things are stable.”

With Total Around 710 Million+ Views & 4.66 Million Followers on Ducky Bhai’s Youtube Channel, He made Estimates around over Rs. 150 Million in 6 Years.

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