Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Here’s How Much ICC World Cup Trophy Worth

The trophy is far more than a mere physical object; it serves as a potent symbol of honor, prestige, and unparalleled achievement in the realm of sports. Weighing a formidable 11 kilograms and standing tall at a height of 60 centimeters, trophy is not just an award; it’s an embodiment of athletic excellence, capturing the essence of dedication and perseverance that defines the sporting world.

The sheer craftsmanship involved in creating this masterpiece is astounding, with a substantial investment of $30,000. Crafted from a blend of silver and gold, this trophy exudes elegance and grandeur. At its zenith, a golden globe signifies the global nature of the event it represents, likely an international sports tournament. Below the globe, three silver columns take on the appearance of wickets and bails, aligning with the cricketing theme.

One of the notable features of the trophy is its historical record-keeping. The names of the teams that have emerged victorious in the event over the years are etched onto the lower portion of the trophy.

Interestingly, the winning team doesn’t take home the original trophy. Instead, they are awarded a replica of the trophy, an exact duplicate. The authentic trophy finds its home at the International Cricket Council (ICC) headquarters in Dubai.

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