Thursday, December 7, 2023

Here’s How to use multiple WhatsApp numbers on a single phone

WhatsApp has introduced a much-anticipated feature for Android users, allowing them to run two separate WhatsApp accounts on a single device, a move similar to Telegram’s capabilities. While this feature was previously available to beta testers, it is now gradually rolling out to the stable version of WhatsApp. This dual-account functionality simplifies the need for multiple smartphones or third-party app cloning. Users can now conveniently manage both personal and work accounts on the same device.

To set up the second WhatsApp account, you’ll need an additional phone number and SIM card or a device with multi-SIM or eSIM support. Even if your second SIM card is in another device, you can create a second WhatsApp account, provided you can receive the necessary security code for login.

To enable this feature, navigate to WhatsApp settings, click on your name, select “Add account,” and follow the provided instructions. WhatsApp ensures that users can independently configure privacy and notification settings for both accounts, maintaining data separation.

It’s important to note that the multi-account feature is currently rolling out gradually, so it may take a week or two before it becomes available to all users globally. As such, users in Pakistan can expect the feature to arrive soon. This new capability enhances WhatsApp’s functionality, making it more versatile and user-friendly for individuals managing multiple WhatsApp accounts.

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