Friday, March 1, 2024

Here’s How You Can Apply for a Work Residence Visa in UAE

Moving to the UAE for skilled work involves a visa process primarily categorized into two types: the standard work visa and the five-year Green visa for work. The standard work visa is typically issued to individuals employed by mainland or free zone companies. For this visa, the employer plays a pivotal role in initiating the application process.

To begin, certain documents are essential, including a color photograph against a white background, a passport copy valid for at least six months, and an attested university degree if it’s a requirement for the job. If hired from outside the UAE, individuals receive an entry permit valid for two months, allowing them to enter the country. During this period, the employer must complete the process for the work visa.

Upon arrival, the employee needs to undergo a medical fitness test and provide biometric data for the Emirates ID. This step is pivotal in securing the residence visa. The process mainly requires the submission of necessary documents and the completion of the medical test.

Once the individual obtains the residence visa and Emirates ID, the next step might involve applying for the family’s visas, which diverges slightly from the employee’s visa application process. This process often requires additional documentation and steps to sponsor family members to join in the UAE.

Overall, while the procedure for obtaining a residence visa for employees is relatively straightforward—demanding essential documents, medical tests, and biometric data—the process for securing family visas could involve further steps specific to sponsoring dependents.

Navigating the intricacies of these visa processes is crucial for individuals seeking employment in the UAE. Understanding the requirements and following the steps diligently ensures a smooth transition and settlement in the country for both employees and their families.

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