Thursday, June 1, 2023

Here’s How You can Get Driving Licence in Dubai in Just 2 Hours

Driving your own vehicle and moving freely in Dubai is not just a dream now.

Referring to the Emirati media statement, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced new services for issuing driving licences and vehicle registration cards, whereby these documents can now be issued within 2 hours within Dubai and on the same day can be delivered in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Golden Chance Initiative

In this regard, RTA has said that a new service has also been added to send consignments to overseas customers.

Similarly, the ‘Golden Chance’ initiative of taking a direct test without classes to obtain a driving licence in Dubai has also been announced, as it offers the opportunity to skip lessons and go straight to the test, provided they already have a valid license from their home country.

When Will it Come into Effect?

An RTA call center executive confirmed that the new feature is called ‘Golden Chance,” which came into effect on April 1 this year. For those who do not belong to exempt countries, the initiative now allows them to skip classes and take a direct driving test to obtain the much-sought-after UAE licence.

Where to Go?

It is stated that you can visit your nearest driving center to apply for the Golden Chance initiative; the cost will be based on the driving school, but it will cost around AED 2,200.

What if You Fail the Direct Test?

Expectedly, including the cost of file opening, testing, licence issuance, etc., the initiative will not require an applicant to undergo any prior training to obtain a driver’s licence; however, they will be required to do so with an additional charge. Can opt, and if the applicant fails the golden chance direct test, then he or she will have to take admission for regular classes under traditional procedure.

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