Thursday, April 18, 2024

Dubai’s RTA ‘Golden Chance’ Initiative Allows Individuals to Skip Driving License Classes & Proceed Directly to Test

Now Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is presenting foreigners from non-exempt countries the opportunity to skip driving lessons and go straight to tests, although, they do need to provide that they already have a valid license from their home country. It was confirmed by an RTA call center executive that the new feature — called Golden Chance — has gone into effect on April 1 this year.

Earlier this week, Khaleej Times had published an explanation on the list of 43 exempted countries from where UAE residents can directly change their national driving licenses for a local license without any classes or tests.

Now the “Golden Chance” initiative is allowing residents who do not come from such exempt countries a one-time chance to skip classes and try in attempting a driving test for a shot at the UAE license. Here is all the information required for the person interested:

What are the costs?

The cost will be based on the driving school. However, it is expected that the costs will be around approximately Dh2,200. This amount will be able to cover the costs of opening a file, tests, license issuance etc.

Are any prior training needed?

No, the person applying for this will not be required to take any prior training. Although, they can go for the same with an additional charge.

What will happen if I fail the test?

If the applicant is unable to pass the Golden Chance direct test then they will have to enroll for regular classes.

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