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Here’s How You Can Protect Your Data From iPhone Thieves

With the increasing number of iPhone thefts, it is crucial to protect your device and personal data from potential thieves.

Rumor has it that iPhone thieves are exploiting a security setting called the recovery key. Through which they permanently lock users out of their devices. It makes impossible for owners to access their data, including photos, messages, and more. This can also put their financial data at risk.

Steps To Safeguard your Data

Here are a few steps you can take to safeguard your data from thieves

Protect Your Passcode

One of the first things you can do is protect your passcode by using Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your iPhone in public places. This can prevent anyone from watching and stealing your passcode. It is also recommended to set up a complicated passcode and change it regularly if you suspect it has been compromised.

Use Screen Time Settings

iPhone users have the option to set up a secondary password required from any user before they can change an Apple ID. By enabling this setting, any thieves who attempt to reset your device will need to enter this secondary password. It is also useful for parents who want to restrict their children’s device usage.

Back Up Your iPhone Regularly

Backing up your iPhone data regularly can help you recover your data if you lose your device. It is recommended to use iCloud or other cloud storage services to store your data, especially if you have sensitive or important photos or documents.

Enable Find My iPhone

Enabling the Find My iPhone feature can help you locate your lost or stolen device. This feature allows you to remotely erase your device and protect your data. It is also advisable to turn on the Activation Lock feature, which prevents anyone from using your device without your Apple ID and password.

By following these simple steps, you can safeguard your iPhone and personal data from potential thieves.

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