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Once in a Blue Moon Shot: Iconic Arc de Triomphe and Full Moon Align in Breathtaking Photograph

Stefano Zanarello is a photographer renowned for his breathtaking images of the night sky and natural landscapes. He is based in Italy and has received multiple awards for his outstanding work.

Recently, he captured an astonishing photo of a full moon perfectly aligned within the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. This image was not a coincidence, but rather the result of meticulous planning and expert execution.

Essential Factors that contributed to the beauty of the image

One of the essential factors that contributed to the success of this image was the angular scale. Zanarello had to ensure that he was neither too close nor too far away from the Arc to capture the full moon. This required a delicate balance and a keen eye for detail.

Timing also played an important role in capturing this shot. The moon appears centered inside the Arc for a brief moment. This required a great deal of patience, waiting for the perfect moment to create a stunning image. He had to be in the right place at the right time to get the perfect shot.

In addition to timing, the lighting and relative brightness of the moon had to be taken into consideration. Zanarello had to wait for clear skies, and ensure that its brightness was just right to create a mesmerizing effect.

The height of the camera was also a critical factor in achieving this shot. He had to adjust the camera’s height to align the moon perfectly inside the Arc. It created the necessary symmetry to capture the image’s full impact.

Furthermore, a well-captured foreground was essential to create depth and perspective in the image. This required finding the right balance between the foreground and the background to create a harmonious composition.

Zanarello employed digital processing techniques to enhance the image, bringing out the beauty of the scene and making the iconic landmarks stand out even more.

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