Saturday, March 2, 2024

Highly Transparent Solar Cells Found to Generate Power 1000x More Efficiently

Solar panels have often been criticized for their appearance, as they can make buildings and other structures look less attractive. However, a group of researchers has now developed transparent solar cells that could change this perception.

These new solar cells are made using a thin and nearly invisible material, allowing them to have an average visible transparency of 79%. This means they can be placed in various locations, such as windows, car panels, and even on human skin.

Scientists have been working on transparent solar cells for a long time, but finding suitable materials has been a challenge. The researchers were able to create these transparent cells by controlling the contact barriers between a widely used transparent material called indium tin oxide (ITO) and a thin layer of tungsten disulfide.

By coating thin metals onto the ITO and inserting a layer of tungsten oxide, they achieved a solar cell with a power conversion efficiency over 1000 times higher than traditional cells using normal ITO electrodes.

To test the potential applications of these transparent solar cells, the researchers integrated them into a module and placed it on a glass window. The module maintained its transparency, and its performance was measured using a solar simulator.

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