Saturday, May 25, 2024

Historic Pakistan wins First Ever Football World Cup Qualifier by Beating Cambodia

In a historic moment for Pakistani football, the national team secured its first-ever victory in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers by defeating Cambodia 1-0 in Islamabad. Harun Hamid became the hero of the match, scoring the crucial winning goal in the 67th minute.

The significance of this victory cannot be overstated, as it marks a breakthrough in Pakistan’s football history. The first leg of the contest had ended in a goalless draw in Cambodia, and the absence of star forward Otis Khan, who was deemed ineligible by FIFA, presented a challenge for Pakistan. Despite possessing a Pakistani passport, Khan’s participation in the qualifiers had faced clearance issues. He had previously made his debut for the national team, asserting his eligibility based on his paternal grandfather’s heritage, who had roots in India and later moved to Pakistan following the 1947 partition.

The win against Cambodia holds a special place in Pakistan’s football journey, and it signifies progress and potential growth in the sport. Before this recent victory, Pakistan had not hosted a FIFA/AFC World Cup Qualifier since 2011 when they faced Bangladesh. The victory sets the stage for Pakistan to compete against Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Tajikistan in Group G during the second round of the qualifiers, offering hope for further accomplishments and a bright future in football for the nation.

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