Monday, February 26, 2024

Honda Announces ‘New 2022 Honda Civic’ Prices, Booking Started

Multiple dealers confirmed that Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited announced ‘tentative’ prices for the next-generation Civic, which will come in three 1.5-litre models.

The Civic of 2022 will replace the current 10th-generation model and will be available in the following trim levels:

  • M-CVT 1.5L Turbo (priced at Rs5,099,000)
  • Oriel 1.5L Turbo M-CVT (Rs5,399,000) and Oriel 1.5L Turbo M-CVT (Rs5,399,000).
  • LL-CVT 1.5L Turbo (at Rs6,149,000)

As per the dealerships, these prices are “tentative,” and are subject to change depending on the exchange rate parity.

“Customers will see longer delivery times until September. As a result, there may be a pricing difference. That’s why Honda refers to these figures as “provisional.” stated a dealer on condition of anonymity.

According to the company’s Twitter account, the partial booking amount has been fixed at Rs1,200,000 for all variations.

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