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Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Pakistan – Specs, Colors, and Everything

Honda is a Japanese company that manufactures automobiles, power equipment, motorcycles. Its headquarter is in Tokyo, Japan. This is the biggest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, and Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan is affordable and hence loved by all Pakistani men and boys. Besides motorcycles & automobiles, Honda also produces marine engines, power generators, personal watercraft, and garden equipment.

Honda CD 70 Overview

One of its manufactured products is Honda CD 70. Honda manufactured Honda CD 70 from 1920 to 1991 as a four-stroke motorbike. Afterward 1991, Honda 70 is now manufactured by Atlas Honda of Pakistan.

Atlas is the biggest motorcycle maker in Pakistan, and its price in Pakistan is also reasonable. Despite its proven supremacy in terms of toughness and efficiency. Honda also launched other bikes like Honda Pridor, CG 125, CB 125.

The New CD 70 2023 provides an excellent blend of Japanese high-tech engines plus a magnetic structure. Honda CD 70’s strong resale value proves that it is a real-lifetime resource for its customers.

It has a petrol tank with a capacity of 9 liters and a displacement of 72 cubic centimeters. It has a 4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine with numerous clutch plates, and it starts on the first try.

The engine was improved and changed regularly. The Honda CD 70 was introduced in 1984. The bike comes with a variety of changing logo stickers, Euro 2 technology in 2012, as the company made numerous changes to the shape of the engine, carburetor, and rear signals, which were now moved lower near the backlight to distinguish it from other local brands of bikes that were copying its design and shape.

Pakistani boys, working guys, and others prefer to ride on the Honda CD 70. The New CD 70 bike combines innovative Japanese technology with a stunning aesthetic. It also has a proven track record of longevity, quality, and fuel efficiency.

Honda CD 70

Honda CD70 2023

  • Honda CD 70 has a four-stroke empire with a displacement of 72 CC. It has markings for gear range with calibration of 60 mph (1997 km/h).
  • Before 1984, it was called Honda 70, and after it, Honda CD 70.
  • The new CD 70 is a super-eco-friendly bike with a no-smoke 4-Stroke motor that ensures you have the most affordable ride of your life.
  • Honda CD 70 is the best choice and a perfect associate because of its beautiful new drawings, agreeable new seat construction, and streamlined shape.
  • This is a fuel-efficient bike that a lot of people use and like. Many other firms have arrived in Pakistan and produced 70cc motorcycles, but they do not provide Honda’s fuel-efficient engine.
  • For engine performance, Honda provides a three-year warranty. This warranty can be a significant benefit to people who buy this bike.
  • Honda CD 70 2023 is little expensive as compare to other 70cc bikes price in Pakistan.
  • Because of the firms thorough study, the chances of an engine failure are extremely slim, but the company will provide free service if one occurs. Throughout the country, there are a number of service centers.


It has the following specifications:

Displacement 72 cm3
Weight 82kg
Clutch Yes
Frame Backbone type
Fuel capacity 8.5 liters (1.0-liter reserve)
Dimensions 1897 x 751 x 1014 mm.
Gears 4

Some other specifications are as under

  • Its engine stoke UHC Air cooked.
  • Its bore and stroke are 47.0 x 41.4 mm.
  • Honda’s 70 compression ratio is 9:3:1.
  • It has a clutch with multiple wet plates.
  • Its transmission is a 4-speed constant mesh.
  • Honda 70 starts by kicking.
  • Its ground clearance is 136 mm.
  • Its tire at the front is 2.25 –17 (4 Pr)
  • Back Tire is 2.50 – 17 (4 Pr)

This bike only has four gears. However, some people claim otherwise, which is incorrect. On the other hand, other Honda models have been known to have a five-speed transmission, but their engine output is greater than 100cc.


Honda CD 70 2022

After 1984, Honda CD 70 engine was constantly being changed. Along with the engine, its sticker is also being modified. Honda CD 70 latest model comes with a new sticker is shown below in the image.

CD 70 2023 Model Features
Engine 70cc OHC Econo
Mileage 97 km per hour
Exhaust Sport muffler type
Wheels Thicker spokes durable rear wheels
Transmission 4 Constant Mesh
Start Kick Start

Its new model has a stylish fuel tank with side cover graphics. Honda has continued its amazing services with modified bikes designed with shapes and color that satisfies its customers. This new model price in Pakistan is quite affordable for all its users.

The Honda 70 featured a rectangle speedometer with gear range markers and a top speed of 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour). It claimed the top speed to be 58 miles per hour (93 kilometers per hour).

The engine was improved and changed regularly. The Honda CD70 motorcycle was introduced in 1984. It featured a variety of shifting logo stickers, and in 2012, the engine, carburetor, and rear indicators were repositioned closer to the backlight.


Honda CD 70 has two variants in colors. One of the motorbikes is black, and the other motorbike is Red.

Honda 70 Fuel Average

It is one of the best fuel-efficient bikes. It provides its customer best value for money as it provides 50 to 70 under one-liter petrol. This is one of the greatest fuel averages any motorbike company can provide; many other Chinese companies try their best, but those ends with very bad expressions.

According to the official Honda CD 70cc page, this bike has 5.19 horsepower of 7500 rpm.

Honda 70 Fuel capacity

Honda CD 70 is a very economical bike for boys and men in Pakistan, as it provides a fuel capacity of 8 liters. It has a tank of 8 liters attached to it.

Honda 70 2023 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 is available in the Pakistani market and also on the official website of the company and other local websites. Honda CD 70 Latest Price in Pakistan is Rs. 102,900. It is a high price for a motorbike for any Pakistani man or boy, so they buy a second-hand motorbike of Honda CD 70.


Honda CD 70 is a motorbike of Atlas Honda company of Pakistani company. It had a great range of specifications that are discussed above in this article in detail. Honda CD 70 is a fuel-efficient motorbike available for Pakistani people. Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan iS also mentioned above in the article.

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