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Honda Pridor 2023 Price in Pakistan – Features, Specs, and Reviews

Honda’s latest product, the Pridor, features innovative design and technology. Honda also launches numerous bikes like Honda CD 70, CG 125, and many other bikes. Atlas Honda’s Pridor 2023 is a top-quality product at an affordable price in Pakistan. In addition, Atlas Honda’s brand name instils trust in purchasers who have higher expectations for the goods.

Atlas Honda has been manufacturing top-notch motorcycles for a long period for Pakistani consumers. Consumers have trusted their vehicles in terms of reliability and durability. It is also mention-worthy that in the last decade Atlas Honda has faced tremendous competition by the Chinese manufacturers who have been providing better features on a comparatively lower price point.

Atlas Honda has been playing on its brand reputation and has made no remarkable changes in its motorcycles from the last twenty years; the company has received major reason behind their criticism from their users.

Honda Pridor is no exception. They launched its 2023 model in the later part of 2021. The Honda Prior 2023 model has a new sticker, which is the only difference between the previous model and this one.

It should also be no surprise to the readers that this variant is not very popular among the users compared to their CD-70 and CG-125 variants which have been ruling the Pakistani two-wheeler market for the last 30 years.

The Honda Pridor is not an inferior product that appeals to consumers who want something a little different from the other two aforementioned vehicles. Its 2023 model comes with the following specifications.

Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan

Honda 100 Pridor price in Pakistan is PKR 139,900; however, this price is subject to change because of the ever-changing value of USD and other marketing variables.

The new price of Honda Pridor in Pakistan is mentioned here

ModelPrice in Pakistan
Honda Pridor bike PKR 203,900

Honda Pridor Specifications

Engine4-strock OHC Air cooled single cylinder
Bore & Stroke50.0 * 49.5mm
Transmission4 speed constant mesh
StartingKick starter
Final DriveRoller chain
Seat Height798mm
Ground Clearance156mm
Fuel Tank Capacity9.7 liters
Wheel Base1226mm
Tire at Front2.75-18
Tire at Back2.75-18
Suspension at FrontTelescopic fork 94 mm travel
Suspension at BackSing arm 84 mm travel
Dry weight96kg

The new Honda Prior 2023 is powered by a 100 cc 4-stroke OHC air-cooled engine with bore and stroke measurements of 50 x 49.5 mm. The motorcycle has a 9.7-liter petrol tank (1.5-liter reserve) and a 4-speed constant mesh transmission. The Pridor’s total dimensions are 1986 x 718 x 1067 mm, with a 1226 mm wheelbase.

The ground clearance on the Honda Pridor is 156 mm, while the seat is 798 mm high, making it simpler for short persons to sit in it. Both the front and rear tyres feature 2.75-18 dimensions. The front suspension is a 94 mm telescopic fork, and the rear suspension is an 84 mm swing arm.

Appearance and Design

Along with the redesigned front console, there is a newly styled headlight, which is another outstanding move, replacing the old spherical design with a modern athletic one that complements the bike’s entire aesthetic. They used the same crystal glass in the headlamp. They have replaced the bike magnet covers to a black hue, making his engine look even more appealing and powerful.

New design winkers and back-light with aerodynamic cowl also represented this design and shape. This bike particularly offers a fresh look for those who want something different yet sophisticated.

Drive comfort

The revised carburetor, quick start system with stable acceleration, and ignition start mode are all reflected in the revamped flashers and aerodynamic fairing. The 9.7-litre petrol tank allows you to fill it up once and go miles without worrying about honda pridor fuel average as this is one area in which Atlas Honda is still unbeaten.

The honda pridor 2023 model is a simple motorcycle to ride and maneuver. The bike is quite comfy to ride. It is easy to handle in dense traffic and does not rattle at high speeds. The engine’s potent power and torque guarantee smooth mobility over a variety of terrain.

Average Fuel

With the hike in fuel prices, almost everyone wants an economical ride. Same is the case with Pridor 2023. The Honda Pridor’s average fuel consumption per liter is promising, which is why most people choose this bike, which looks fantastic and is also affordable.

As a result, the Honda Pridor offers good fuel efficiency, with a range of 54 kilometres on a single litre. We mentioned earlier that Atlas Honda has faced stiff competition from Chinese brands, but in one area in which Honda has no rivals is their fuel-economical vehicles.

Pridor Competitors

In Pakistan, the Honda Pridor competes with the Suzuki GD 110S, Road Prince RP 110, and Unique UD 100.

Because of its well-established consumer base and good resale value, the Suzuki GD 110S is a formidable contender for the Honda Pridor. For fuel capacity and weight, the Pridor outperforms the GD 110S. In addition, the Pridor is significantly less expensive than the GD 110S.

Because of its more powerful engine, larger fuel capacity, and improved stability, the Road Prince RP 110 is a formidable competitor to Pridor.

The Honda Pridor faces stiff competition from the Unique UD 100, which is cheaper, has a larger fuel capacity, and comes with an electric start option.


For a long time, Atlas Honda has been producing high-quality motorcycles for Pakistani customers. For durability, the Honda Pridor is unrivalled and unbeatable, making it an excellent choice for a long-term ride. Durability isn’t the only thing the Honda Pridor has going for it; it also has a lot of power to fight with its rivals on the road. By the specs and features, we can all agree this motorcycle is worth its salt.

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