Monday, October 2, 2023

Honda Set to Launch Multiple Hybrid Models in Malaysia

Honda Malaysia has launched a campaign called ‘Gen H’ to promote its hybrid technology and models. The campaign aims to share the excitement of Honda’s hybrid technology with the public through a nationwide roadshow.

The roadshow will allow attendees to experience Honda’s e:HEV hybrid technology in popular models like the City, City Hatchback, Civic, and HR-V, which are available in the top-of-the-range RS trim. In addition to showcasing the hybrid technology, the roadshow will offer various engaging activities such as fun fair rides, arcade games, workshops, food and beverages, graffiti art displays, and interactive activities.

The roadshow will begin next month with an opening event in Johor Bahru on June 3-4, followed by a stop in Penang on June 10-11, and the grand finale in Bukit Jalil on June 17-18. Admission to the roadshow is free for all attendees.

Hironobu Yoshimura, the CEO and Managing Director of Honda Malaysia, emphasized the importance of the Malaysian market for locally developed hybrid vehicles and highlighted the combination of efficiency and enjoyment that hybrid technology offers to drivers.

Honda Malaysia has seen positive reception and demand for their hybrid models, with significant sales of the City e:HEV, City Hatchback, HR-V Hybrid, and Civic e:HEV since their introduction in 2020.

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