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Honda Vezel 2023 Price in Pakistan – Variants, Specs, and Pictures

Honda needs no sugar coating when talking about its automobiles and commercially successful vehicles. It has made its name on the top auto manufacturing companies globally. Honda’s new Vezel  has so much to offer if you’re looking for an all-in-one car. Honda has proved itself multiple times in the market and has proved to be a reliable and efficient solution for your concerns for a nice d smart car.

Honda Vezel 2023

Honda added a few modifications in its Vezel Hybrid 2018 to 2023. A prominent frontal grille accompanies a giant honda logo on the car’s exterior. It comes with some more prominent fog lamps and comparatively bigger LED headlamps. Honda has added a few modifications to the bumper design of the car as well.

Honda Vezel in Pakistan


Honda Vezel has these variants; some are mentioned below.

  • Honsa Vezel G
  • Honda Vezel hybrid X
  • Honda Vezel hybrid RS honda Sensing
  • Honda Vezel hybrid X L package
  • Honda Vezel X
  • Honda Vezel Z
  • Honda Vezel S

Honda Vezel Exterior

Vezel 2023 comes with a fantastic facelift feature. Its exterior has a prolific feature called Honda Sensing. Honda Sensing helps drivers and passengers with a Safety feature and allows riders a couple of safety alerts that could be easily missed without this feature.

It also has a couple of driver-assistive technology setups to make sure the driver is attentive and consistent. Honda Sensing comes with several fantastic safety features and modifications, e.g., ACC control, low speed and lane-keeping assistant, road departure mitigating setup, collision mitigation brake setup.

Honda Vezel Exterior

Honda Vezel Interior

Vezel 2023 Hybrid comes with a freshly modified and up-to-date infotainment setup. Apple car play and Android is compatible with it; along comes that there is a leather-trimmed car seating setup, and these features are not complete without the push stop and start part, climate controlled setup, tire monitoring setup, Bluetooth connection setup. There is a perfect space for the rear and front passengers in the Honda Vezel hybrid. It has ample cargo space, and alongside, it comes with foldable seats to make cargo space more spacious.

Honda Vezel Interior

Honda Vezel Hybrid Engine

Honda has made its new Vezel a hybrid car like Honda’s previous variants. Honda has launched its Vezel 2023 hybrid in Asia after its success in Japan under the title (HR V).

It has an I VTEC 1.5 litres engine (hybrid)

Like its precursor, Honda Vezel 2023 is also a hybrid car. After its release in Japan, the car is also launched in ASIA under Honda HR-V.

Honda Vezel is available with 1.5-litre petrol I VTEC and 1.5-liter i-VTEC hybrid engines driven from previous precursors. In the Honda Vezel hybrid, the brand has made the brakes smooth, and the sporty hybrid I set up retuned. With this, drivers can get a highly responsive acceleration feature.

The Honda Vezel hybrid comes with a vibration-damping material in the petrol variant. Honda has designed the fuel pump leading to a quieter cabin. They have improved the cam chain friction problem that helps get an enhanced fuel economy leading from 20. 6 kilometres per litre to 21.2 kilometres per litres.

The hybrid specification includes a 4WD setup that helps passengers get an excellent riding experience on slippery roads or even on steep hills.

General Specifications

Honda Vezel has a bunch of other specifications that are mentioned above. Some of the Honda Vezel hybrid specifications are discussed below.

  • Five person seating setup
  • Automatic CVT
  • Gearbox setup
  • Steering setup
  • Electronic powerful steering
  • Seven-speed dual-clutch
  • 130 hp valves 1499 cc (DHOC 16)
  • Leather seats
  • Powerful speakers
  • Large fog lights
  • Equipped with Honda Sensing feature
  • Gps setup incorporated

Honda Vezel 2023 Price in Pakistan

Honda Vezel 2023 Hybrid price in Pakistan is PKR 4,200,000/-

The price of the Honda Vezel hybrid is significantly moderate and affordable for individuals looking for a nice modern designed car with quality features and functions.


Honda Vezel 2023 has many specifications for its fuel, brake, tire, interior, and exterior setups. It is a modern car equipped and integrated with several quality features, functions, and modifications. It has been incorporated with Honda Sensing features which provide maximum Safty for riders and the car itself.

Vezelis an excellent car with nice fuel mileage, exterior, and interior. Its price in Pakistan is affordable and worth the features it is offering. When opting for good commercially successful vehicles, one must include the car in his checklist.

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