Tuesday, June 18, 2024

How much Pakistanis Have To Pay For YouTube Premium?

ISLAMABAD: Online video streaming platform YouTube has launched its premium service in Pakistan, under which Pakistani users can now watch ad-free videos, stream offline and play in the background after closing the app.

According to the Gulf-based English newspaper Arab News, YouTube launched YouTube Premium and YouTube Music services on Wednesday.

It should be noted that YouTube is one of the most popular digital platforms in Pakistan like the rest of the world.

According to YouTube, there are 400 channels from Pakistan on the platform with more than 1 million subscribers. According to a press release issued in this regard, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Pay are membership services, meaning users have to pay to use them, after which they can enjoy ad-free videos and other benefits.

According to YouTube, the YouTube Premium Keypad membership now being introduced in Pakistan will allow users to watch videos without ads, watch them offline as well as play them in the background. In this context, it has been mentioned that YouTube Music is a new music streaming app that will be a new experience for music in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, users can get YouTube Premium for Rs 479 ($1.68) and YouTube Music for Rs 299 ($1.05).

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