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How To Check CNIC Number Biodata And Details Online In Pakistan

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) established in 1998 as the National Database Organization (NDO), a subdivision of the Pakistani Ministry of Interior.

Continuing on National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has received international recognition for its success in providing solutions for identification, e-governance, and secure documents that achieve multi-faceted goals of mitigating Identity theft, safeguarding their clients’ interests, and facilitating the public.

NADRA has become a forerunner in the fields of software integration, data warehousing, and network infrastructure thanks to its R&D activities.

Nadra deals with Identity Documents of respected citizen’s such as National Identity Cards, CNIC for overseas pakistani’s, Pakistan Origin Card, Child Birth Certificates, Family Certificates, Cancellation Certificates. And also deals with Corporate and International Presence.

And You must first grasp what CNIC is before you can check cnic number bio data, cnic number bio data online, or nadra id card check online.

To check cnic number bio data, cnic number bio data or nadra id card check online, you must first understand what CNIC is?

What CNIC is?

Citizens of Pakistan are granted a National Identity Card (NIC). It is a combination of cutting-edge technology and well-defined business regulations that ensures its legitimacy.

The distinct 13-digit identification number is recognized throughout the country. It is the initial prerequisite for individuals since it is required to get papers such as a licence, NTN, bank account, passport, cellphone connection, and so on.

Every Pakistani citizen above the age of 18 is eligible for NIC. NIC also stands for Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).

Your identification will be questioned if you do not have a valid CNIC, are beyond the age of 18, or do not have a record with NADRA.

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If you have a valid CNIC number, The government of Pakistan provides various privileges to its citizens. The following are the reasons why having CNIC is important :

  • You can only vote after the age of 18 if you have your CNIC.
  • You must have your CNIC number in order to open an account with any bank in Pakistan.
  • You can apply for a Pakistani passport as a Pakistani citizen. However, you will be prompted to validate your identity using your CNIC first.
  • You cannot apply for a driver’s licence unless you are 18 years old and have a CNIC.
  • You must present your CNIC while purchasing any car or land.

Examine the Details Hidden In The Nadra CNIC ID Card Number

Few folks are aware of the hidden meaning of CNIC digits or why 13 digits were chosen but not so many, so we are disclosing it for you to better understand.

You must have to know about them to check cnic number bio data online. Because why not get the benefit out of this article?

The following is the technique for decoding the CNIC number :

First digit

The first digit of a CNIC number indicates the province, e.g. 3 in the example below indicates that the bearer of the CNIC is from Punjab province.

1 indicates KPK.

2 indicates FATA.

3 indicates Punjab

4 indicates Sindh.

5 indicates Balochistan.

6 indicates Islamabad.

7 indicates Gilgit Baltistan

Second digit

The division is represented by the second digit.

Third digit

It depicts the division’s district.

Fourth digit

The fourth digit represents the tehsil.

Fifth digit

The fifth digit represents the union council number.

Seven Digits Following

The next seven numbers (between the two dashes) represent the family number, which is unique to each family.

All family members are related by blood, and all of these individuals are defined by the same middle code. A family tree is also generated using the same approach.

The last digit

Finally, there is any number from 1 to 9. Here, odd numbers (i.e. 1,3,5,7,9) indicate that the holder is male, whereas even numbers (i.e. 2,4,6,8) indicate that the holder is female.

How Can I Check My CNIC Details Through CNIC Number?

You’re probably wondering now how can I check my CNIC details through CNIC number and cnic number bio data online?

Here is how can you find any pakistani cnic number information :

Method 1:

The first approach involves just checking your cnic number bio data on your cell phone.

  • To begin, open your text message window.
  • Now, write your preferred CNIC number (a unique 13-digit long number) and send it to 7000.
  • This NADRA record search by CNIC number will be completed in a matter of seconds. And you’ll get an instant reaction on your screen.
  • The information you’ll receive includes the CNIC’s owner address and the zone information for their registered CNIC.

This is how you may track down your cnic number information by SMS.

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Method 2:

The second approach involves just checking your nadra id card check online.

  • Navigate to NADRA’s main webpage.
  • Select the identification tracking option.
  • Type your CNIC number into the search box.
  • You will be sent information on the CNIC number you submitted.

This approach may also be used to check your cnic family tree.

First and foremost, you must ensure that Is your CNIC registered with a spot in it? Then send a message to 8008 with your CNIC number without the dashes. And lastly,You will receive your registered family tree / surnames.

Why Should You Check Your CNIC Number’s Biodata?

Due to the rising terrorist actions in Pakistan in previous years, the data of every Pakistani resident has been digitized. It is an individual’s national identity.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister asked Nadra to re-verify all Pakistani nationals’ CNICs. It’s because of Mullah Mansoor, also known as Muhammad Wali, who was murdered by a drone assault in Pakistan and was discovered with a forged CNIC near his car.

Since Afghans are fleeing Pakistan and acquiring CNICs from Nadra, CNIC verification is essential; however, due to terrorist acts in Pakistan, the Balochistan and KPK governments have petitioned the federal government to repatriate Afghans to their home countries because Afghanistan is now secure.

Sim cards are commonly forgotten or stolen along with mobile phones. Evil people take advantage of this by using SIM cards registered in the names of other citizens. They use these sims to commit crimes while going unnoticed by the cops.

The one who gets into trouble is the one whose SIM card has been lost. It could be you or any of other citizens. As a result, it’s a good idea to go through your biodata and other information, including the Sims on your body. Second, it displays your address information as it appears in NADRA records.

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You can now easily check your cnic number bio data online. As Nadra has created the simplest and easiest methods for people to check their cnic number information by themselves in the comfort of their homes and without facing any trouble, because every citizen has the right to maintain a check on their cnic number information.


It was once simply National Identity Card (NIC), but the government changed it to Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) to make it simpler to track cnic number information due to rising of crimes around country.

If you have misplaced your cnic or need information about your family or a registration, you may readily get nadra id card check online.

I hope this article will be helpful for you to get your cnic number information as I’ve collected all the methods to nadra id card check online and cnic number bio data online without experiencing any inconvenience.

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