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How to Earn Money from Snack Video in Pakistan?

Snackvideo is a Pakistani social site similar to Tiktok that allows you to create and watch short films that you may share with others. It’s as simple as recording or uploading a video from your phone’s gallery. They have a user base of 10 million active users worldwide. Snack Video apps may be downloaded through the Play Store or the App Store for iOS and Android smartphones.

We can make money from snack video apps in Pakistan in various methods that are both simple and reliable sources of revenue. Still, you must read the entire article to learn how to make money from snake videos.

8 Ways You Can Earn Money from Snack Video

Here is a list of all the strategies that can help you earn a lot of money with the Snack Video App in Pakistan:

1. Bonus for registering/signing up

2. Bonus each day

3. Sponsorship

4. Create a New Account 

5. Invite Friends 

6. Sell Products

7. Competition Prizes

8. Content Exchange

Following is the description of how to earn money through snack videos in Pakistan:

Bonus for registration:

When you download a snack video and make an account on it, you will receive 200 points. When you download snack videos, you will like or view videos. Also, you can make videos using multiple templates and background changes options; you can also recreate dialogues of any of your favorite movies or character.

Bonus each day

One other way to earn money is through snack video in Pakistan, as it provides us with daily bonus programs. You watch videos on it daily basis; you will win coins. Like, watch videos of breakfast, transformation videos, and much more.

The following is how the Daily Bonus is distributed:

  • +200 Coins on Day 1
  • +400 Coins on Day 2
  • +800 Coins on Day 3
  • +200 Coins on Day 4
  • +400 Coins on Day 5
  • +200 Coins on Day 6
  • +1599 Coins on Day 7
  • +2399 Coins on Day 14
  • +2999 Coins on Day 21
  • +3999 Coins on Day 30

Make sure you log in to Snack Video daily to get your prize.


Uploading films sponsored by businesses for the internet marketing of their product or service is a very lucrative way to make money. Snack Video is the newest platform to take the young by storm, and all of the major corporations want their products to be included in it. This is a very bankable opportunity for all video providers on Snack Video.

New user/ create a new account.

Snack Video pays new users in two ways to encourage them to explore the accounts and videos on the app. They also give offers to their new customers or users like every day, like any two videos and win coins, every day, follow any two accounts and win coins,

Invite Friends

Another way to make money with Snack Video is to use your referral link and code to invite friends to join the program. This URL may be found in the app’s settings. You may earn up to Rs. 140 to Rs. 200 per referral when friends sign up for Snack Video using your referral code. The following are the specifications of the invite money that may be won on Snack Video: in inviting one Friend, you will receive: Rs. 190, on three Friends: Rs. 570, on inviting four Friends: Rs. 760, on inviting six Friends: Rs. 1140, on inviting seven Friends: Rs. 1330 and, on inviting nine Friends you will receive: Rs 1710

Your friends must utilize both the referral link and referral code supplied by you to guarantee that you receive the invite money. No money will be provided to the user if the referral code is not used. You can share inviting links through any social app like WhatsApp or Instagram.

Sell Products

Snack Video is a versatile marketing tool that may promote several items. After establishing a loyal following, many users venture into e-commerce. Clothes, jewelry, electronics, and services are among the items sold by Snack Video in Pakistan.

Competition Rewards

Snack Video hosts many video competitions available to all registered users in Pakistan. You may win prizes ranging from basic T-shirts to expensive devices like iPhones by participating in these competitions.

Sharing Content

Sharing videos with friends is an effective way to make money with Snack Video. This can provide you with up to 1000 coins every day. The following is the procedure for sharing content:

  • Activate the Snack Video app.
  • By clicking on the coin icon, you can access the options menu.
  • Select ‘Share activities with your friends’ from the drop-down menu.

How to redeem coins

You will receive coins instead of rupees when you do any of the tasks listed above, but these coins will be converted to rupees before 8 a.m., allowing you and all coins can be redeemed in rupees.

Procedure to withdraw money from Snack video app

To withdraw money from the snack video, follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Select the option in the lower right corner to get to your profile.
  • Select the top right corner icon to access the snack video app options.
  • You may now add a phone number to your profile.
  • Fill in the details for your Jazz cash or Easypaisa account here.
  • After that, a verification account will be given to your phone number.
  • Then input this code in the required area, and your phone number will be registered.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the coins option.
  • In PKR, serial coins may be found here.
  • A new page will open when you click on withdrawal.
  • You can now withdraw anywhere between Rs. 25 and Rs. 1200, but not more than that.

Snack terms and conditions

Money earning snack video in Pakistan through the following steps include some terms and conditions mentioned below. You should follow these terms and conditions:

  • Can withdraw money once in 24 hours.
  • The next withdrawal will be made after 1 day.
  • Cash will be received in 3 days of the withdrawal amount.
  • We can only use jazz cash and the easy paisa app to transfer money.
  • It can only be withdrawn in a specific amount.


This article includes how we can earn money through snack videos in Pakistan. It includes 8 steps through which we can earn money in coins. Then procedure to redeem coins is also given. For more information kindly visit their website.

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