Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Huawei Launches Watch 4, the First Smartwatch with Innovative ‘High Blood Sugar Risk’ Feature

Huawei has introduced the Watch 4, a smartwatch that claims to be the first in the industry with features related to high blood sugar risk. The announcement of the watch has been made in China, and there is no information available yet regarding its release in other countries, particularly the US.

The highlight of this smartwatch is its unique blood glucose feature, which is expected to be particularly useful for individuals with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Huawei’s consumer CEO, Yu Chengdong, mentioned that it is the outcome of research on high blood sugar risk assessment.

Although there are no demos available yet, a promotional video by Huawei suggests that the watch will send an alert when it detects a potential risk of high blood sugar levels. In addition to this, the watch is said to have a “micro-physical examination function” capable of measuring ten health indicators within a minute.

The exact workings of the high blood sugar alert technology on the Huawei Watch 4 remain unknown. However, according to Huawei Central, the watch utilizes metrics like heart rate, pulse wave characteristics, and more, making additional hardware unnecessary beyond the traditional optical heart rate sensor array.

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