Monday, June 17, 2024

Human-Powered Smart Watches- Launching Soon

Advance technology has made the impossible, possible. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has recently announced that the researches have been conducted to study the new method of harvesting energy from the movement of the human body. This could result in bringing a shift in the technology used in the automatic power wearable.

A study carried out by using a swinging metal pole that is designed to mimic the movements of human arms. The device that controls the energy utilizes as a highly compact generator made by using less than ten components is included with a motion capture unit and also a power generation unit. The main objective and aim of the study are to use the human body movements to power the wristbands and smartwatches.

The wearable industry has become more eco-friendly and human-health centric with OEMs offering features that succours the user to determine their blood oxygen level, pulses like heart rate, the sleep pattern and the walk miles per day and many more.

The inspiration was observed by the boom in wearable devices worldwide as the industry is anticipated to successfully grow and rise in the future. As per the last year record, the wearable gadget industry has a $20.65 billion market revenue that is projected to reach $96.31 billion by the year 2027. These smartwatches are soon going to get launch worldwide with extensive beneficial options.

Bilal Jamil
Bilal Jamil
Founder & CEO at Startup Pakistan

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