Monday, October 2, 2023

I Want My Wife Nida to Wear Burqa and Veil: Yasir Nawaz

Yasir Nawaz, a senior actor, director, and producer, says he wants Nada to wear a burqa and veil.

Yasir Nawaz and his wife Nida Yasir recently took part in a private TV program in which they both gave interesting answers to questions about each other.

During the show, the host asked Nida Yasir what her favorite color is.

In response, Nida Yasir stated, “Yasir likes dark colors on him, and I like bright colors on him,” to which Yasir Nawaz responded, “I want Nida to wear burqa and niqab.”

The host inquired of Nida, “Would you consider fulfilling Yasir’s wish?”

Nida Yasir stated, “I’ll do it for Allah, not my husband.”

It should be noted that Yasir Nawaz apologized for his remarks about fellow actress Alize Shah during the same program.

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