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The Actor Who Actually Tried to Jump Into the River at the End of the Play

In the final scene of the popular drama Succession, Jeremy Strong, who played the lead character Kendall Roy, attempted to jump into the river.

The drama’s fourth and final season ends with a heartbroken Kendall Rowe looking out over the river while her bodyguard (Scott Nicholson) watches over her from behind, and the screen fades to black.

However, Jeremy Strong attempted to jump into the river during a set screen shot.

‘The water was calling me, as soon as the scene was cut, I tried to go into the water, I got up from the bench and climbed the barrier very quickly, at which point Scott Nicholson ran after me,’ he said in an interview.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do, and Scott had no idea either, but he stopped me.” “I thought Kendall just wanted to die at that point,” he added.

That is, he was so engrossed in his character that he was ready to commit suicide based on his emotions.

In the past, Jeremy Strong’s acting style has caused controversy.

In 2021, he called for real tear gas to be used while filming a protest.

In an interview, actor Brian Koss, who plays Kendall’s father Logan Roy in the drama, said of Jeremy Strong, “He gets lost in his work and we worry about him.”

The drama centers on billionaire Logan Roy and his children, who want to take over their father’s media empire.

Kendall Roy loses control of the company in the season finale of the 2018 drama.

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