Monday, September 25, 2023

Identification Card Is Mandatory For Buying Holy Quran

The condition of an identity card has been declared mandatory for buying Holy Quran and Sipara, and instructions have been issued to the owners of bookshops to keep records.

In order to prevent tragic incidents like Jaranwala, Tehsil administration and police have issued instructions to all bookshop owners to sell Holy Quran and Spars approved and issued by the government.

The Tehsil administration and police issued strict instructions to the owners of the bookshops, it is compulsory to take a copy of the national identity card from the buyers of the holy Quran and verses, and to compile a record of every person who buys the Holy Quran and verses.

After noting the buyer’s name, address and mobile phone, the Holy Quran and Sipara should be given.

The tehsil administration and police have said that the shopkeepers should display banners and letters with the condition of ID card at prominent places. In case of not implementing the instructions, strict action will be taken against the shopkeeper.

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