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IESCO Bill Online – How to Check and Pay IESCO Bill in 2023

The Islamabad Area Electricity Board, a part of WAPDA, was dissolved in 1998, and IESCO is now founded to take over its assets, powers, and responsibilities. IESCO’s main objective is to supply, distribute, and sell electricity in the region stretching Attock to Jhelum and from the Indus to Neelum Rivers in Kashmir. IESCO provides its user with very amazing service of checking electricity bills online.


WAPDA owns and operates Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), one of Pakistan’s largest electricity distribution companies. The districts for administration are Federal Capital Islamabad, Chakwal, Jhelum, Attock, and Rawalpindi; IESCO is organized into five circles, 19 divisions, and 107 sub-divisions.

IESCO has now introduced a way of checking online bills in Pakistan through its website; for this purpose, one should have their reference number for checking online electricity bills. IESCOBILL.PK is one of the first websites that allows you to go and check numerous bills of IESCO at once by entering multiple reference numbers. You can also check the IESCO Duplicate bill online.

Aim and objectives of IESCO

The fundamental goal of IESCO is to increase Pakistan’s revenue by providing power and other high-quality services to its consumers. It is Pakistan’s only electric supply company that benefits from many states.

How to check IESCO Bill Online

To consider checking IESCO Online Bill in Pakistan in 2023, one must have a reference number. The reference number is present on the bill and traced through following these simple steps:

  • IESCO electricity bill required for checking the reference number.
  • Please take out the bill and search for a reference number; it is a 14-digit number.
IESCO Bill Online

After getting the reference number, it is then easy to check the IESCO electricity bill online by following steps:

  1. When a reference number is located after that, one must visit the official website of IESCO for further procedures.
  2. Open the website, then go to the customer services option on the top header at the third number from the left side.
  3. Now click on the option of viewing the bill as bill view or print it.
  4. Enter the 14-digit reference number in that box.
  5. Click the search button.
  6. Hence the online electricity bill is present on the screen.
  7. Now this bill is available for download and print.

How to calculate electricity bill

IESCO provides its user with a facility of calculating their electricity bill online approximately. For this purpose, one must have an approximate amount of total units used in a month, and when those units are entered in the website, then the website shows an approximate amount of electricity bill that will be generated for the user.

How to check electricity bills online in Pakistan

You can check Electricity bills online in Pakistan with the help of online services that the companies provide to their users. But there are generally two ways for checking online bills in Pakistan of electricity:

One is to check the electricity bill online as provided by various electricity companies through the help of their websites.

The second method is through the application. This is an efficient and easiest way of checking bills online. Different companies like Karachi Electric Supply Company (K Electric), Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO), Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), Multan Electric Supply Company (MESCO),  Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO), Quetta Electric Supply Company(QESCO), Peshawar Electric Supply Company(PESCO), Gujranwala Electric Supply Company (GESCO) and others have their application that is available in mobile phone and bill can be paid through that mobile application.

Services of IESCO

IESCO acts as a leader in making sustainable development, embracing the sustainability concepts, and exploring alternative sustainable courses of action to reduce the environmental impact.

The IESCO dedicatedly works to foster a culture of environmental sustainability and responsibility, as well as continual improvement in its environmental footprint.

The health and well-being of IESCO’s employees are a top priority. It will implement a comprehensive set of well-being initiatives, including the occupational health services and program for employee assistance, a stress management policy, and a rolling calendar of well-being and a healthy-living activity.

The IESCO provides universal coverage of health to its employees and their families and financial protection from risk for healthcare in the cost-effective and transparent methods possible.

Structure of IESCO

The IESCO is split into four rings, nineteen divisions, one hundred and four subdivisions to provide an uninterrupted electric supply and maintain customer satisfaction.

The Circles are then led by Superintending Engineers (SEs), where Divisions are then managed by Executive Engineers (XENs). Sub Divisional Officers (SDOs) are in charge of all subdivisions, and now each division has its Customer Services Officer (CSO).

The firm is responsible for the electrical distribution network in Jhelum, Attock, Chakwal, Rawalpindi, and the Federal Capital Islamabad.

The IESCO is made of One hundred and eight (108) Grid Stations with a combined capacity of five thousand two hundred and twenty-four (5,224) MVA that can distribute power via nine hundred and fifty-one (951) Feeders, including the AJK.

Various circles and divisions are present of IESCO

  • Attock circle
  • Islamabad circle
  • Rawalpindi circle
  • Jhelum circle
  • Chakwal circle

There are various divisions under these circles. Following are the divisions:

  1. Islamabad Circle
  2. Barakaho division
  3. Islamabad division 1
  4. Islamabad division 2
  • Attock Circle
  • Taxilla Division
  • Pindigheb division
  • Attock division
  • Rawalpindi Circle
  • Rawat division
  • Cantt division
  • Satellite division
  • Tariqabad division
  • Westridge division
  • City division
  • Jhelum Circle
  • Gujar khan division
  • Jhelum Division 1
  • Jhelum Division 2
  • Chakwal Circle
  • Dhudial division
  • Talagang division
  • Pind Dadan khan division
  • Chakwal division

Contacting IESCO

Anyone can contact IESCO by visiting the billing complaint resolution desk present in the head office of IESCO or contacting the helpline number 051-9252937.


IESCO provides its users various benefits, and one of those is checking online bills for electricity. IESCO’s online duplicate bill service makes life easier for its customers. Anyone can trace their online bill in Pakistan through mobile applications and websites using the reference number.

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