Saturday, June 3, 2023

If Fitna Did Not Get Relief, It Would Have Been Bottled Up, Rana Sanaullah

Rana Sanaullah, the federal interior minister, claims that only 40–45,000 people turned out nationwide to demonstrate in support of Imran Khan. The temptation would have been contained if it had not received relief.

The interior minister asserted that the only option is to outlaw this party. I regret to say that we will have to be forced if they keep acting in this way. Rana Sanaullah stated during a press conference in Islamabad that it is not the public’s reaction but rather Fitna Imran Khan’s trend of terrorists. For this riot and anarchy, this person trained people.

He asserted that although this is not a protest, demonstrations were held, stores were looted, and livestock markets were also targeted. He claimed that government property was burned, and even animals were set ablaze. After being completely looted, the Quaid-e-Azam House was set on fire.

He claimed that the fact that a man who stole 60 billion rupees from the country has documentary evidence and that he cannot even claim that I did not steal it is a cause for concern and sorrow for the entire nation. During this national loot, Imran Khan received land worth $7 billion.

He continued by saying that Imran Khan had defrauded the populace of 60 billion rupees. Two billion rupees were stolen by Shahzad Akbar. He claimed that this individual kept telling his followers that they needed to hold this demonstration as soon as I was taken into custody.

The federal minister claimed that this person’s property, sensitive property, banks, and government property were all targeted for attack. He added that when the perpetrator of all of these incidents appears before the Chief Justice, he is welcomed and then given a relief that has never been given to anyone in Pakistani history.

According to Rana Sanaullah, the High Court judges have no authority when the Chief Justice greets them and wishes them well before departing.

He claimed that someone had been training terrorists for ten years overall and for the past year in particular, and that when he was arrested, he was instructed to demonstrate in this manner.

He stated that we used to say that this fitna should be recognized, comprehended, and diminished through the power of the vote in order to prevent a tragedy for the nation.

He continued by saying that since this fitna has been discovered, it should now be understood. No one will be spared as the government holds these terrorists accountable. The interior minister promised to hold these criminals’ leader accountable. He argued that this fitna should be recognized by the country.

The interior minister claimed that the court granted bail even in cases that had not yet been registered and in cases that might have been on an institution’s radar.

Rana Sanaullah replied when asked about the tactics of the government, “We did not use this power to expose these people.” He claimed that the government’s writ became effective on the second and third days, while protests involving 4 to 6 thousand people took place on May 11 in 12 to 13 locations across the nation.

According to Rana Sanaullah, this fitna may have been sealed in a bottle in a few days if Ladley had not experienced such a significant amount of relief that day and the following day. He added that we will continue to fight for democracy in this area.

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