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‘If I had Lobbied in the Affairs of National Team, I Would have been the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman,’Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Shahid Afridi has recently made significant remarks about the dynamics and administration of cricket, particularly in Pakistan.

He has strongly indicated that had he been involved in lobbying for the national team’s affairs, he could have potentially become the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

During a ceremony where he was speaking, Afridi candidly responded to questions about team leadership and the role of meritocracy in such appointments.

He questioned the ethical implications of advocating for a player like Shaheen Afridi to be made captain simply based on their shared surname, emphasizing the need for merit to be the primary consideration in such decisions.

Afridi went on to express his support for Mohammad Rizwan’s captaincy in white-ball cricket, highlighting his belief in Rizwan’s leadership abilities and contributions to the team.

He recommended Babar Azam to take the helm in the red-ball format, suggesting a clear distinction in his preferences for different formats of the game.

“Whoever has something to say, I have no obligation to appease anyone,” Afridi concluded. This final statement underscores his independence and willingness to voice his perspectives on cricket matters, irrespective of whether they align with popular opinions or expectations.

Shahid Afridi’s recent comments offer valuable insights into his views on cricket administration in Pakistan. He emphasizes the importance of meritocracy and transparency in team leadership selections, highlighting his commitment to fairness and his desire to see the best individuals appointed to leadership roles within the team.

His willingness to speak openly about these issues reflects his dedication to improving the standards and integrity of cricket administration and governance in Pakistan.

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