Friday, April 19, 2024

Khunjerab Pass Reopens for Pakistan-China Trade After Winter Break

The Khunjerab Pass, a crucial trade pathway, has reopened after a four-month winter break. Over a dozen trucks have begun transporting goods from China into Pakistan, signaling the start of a new trade season.

This reopening comes after a lengthy closure due to harsh winter conditions at the border linking Gilgit Baltistan with China’s Xinjiang region. A special ceremony marked the beginning of the new trade season, with the CEO of AJ International Cargo and local leaders welcoming trade convoys from Xinjiang. Members of the business community from Gilgit-Baltistan also attended the event.

On the first day of reopening, 15 containers carrying commercial goods entered Pakistan through the pass. Before the closure, over 400 containers had traversed this high-altitude route, contributing significantly to customs revenue amounting to Rs5.45 billion over six months.

The resumption of trade has provided employment opportunities for locals, a fact emphasized by former Gilgit Assembly member Javed Hussain. He has urged the federal government to keep the pass open year-round for commercial traffic, ensuring continued economic benefits for the region.

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