Saturday, March 2, 2024

Illegal Gas Pipeline 1.5 Km Long Discovered in Islamabad

Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited’s (SNGPL) task force, in conjunction with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), persistently pursued their campaign against gas theft in Islamabad. In a recent operation near Village Kangota Syedan, they unearthed a clandestine 1500-meter-long gas pipeline within a private housing society. This illicit connection was siphoning gas directly from SNGPL’s mainline.

The unauthorized pipeline was accompanied by a scheme involving the unlawful relocation of gas meters within the housing society. In response, the task force took decisive action, dismantling the illegal infrastructure and disconnecting the improperly shifted gas meters. Furthermore, the SNGPL spokesperson revealed that legal proceedings were set in motion against those responsible for the unauthorized connection.

This crackdown underscores the ongoing efforts to curb energy theft, safeguarding the integrity of the gas supply network. Such collaborative initiatives between SNGPL and law enforcement agencies serve to deter illegal practices, ensuring fair and lawful distribution of resources while holding wrongdoers accountable through legal channels.

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