Sunday, July 14, 2024

Imam’s Good Behavior With the Cat, Algerian Government Honours Imam

The Algerian government honored Imam al-Shaykh Al-Walid Mehsas with the highest honor for his treatment of the cat.

Cat’s playing with muezzin while teaching Taraweeh

Recently, a video was circulating on various platforms of social media, in which a cat sits on the shoulders of an Imam during Taraweeh and after sitting for some time, he also gets down himself, but during this time the Imam continues taraweeh and loves the cat.

After the video went viral on various social media platforms, this step of the Imam was also well appreciated by Muslims and also by the non-Muslims.

Mufti Mayank also gives the response to the viral video of a cat jumping on the imam during taraweeh prayers. “In Algeria, when an Imam was offering Taraweeh prayers in a mosque, suddenly a cat jumped on him and sat on his shoulder for some time,”

“The most beautiful thing in this whole incident was that Imam Sahib was not scared nor did he stop his recitation,” he said.

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