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Influencer “Azad Chaiwala” Made His Courses Free on YouTube, Here’s the List of Courses

Popular Pakistani businessman and influencer Azad Chaiwala has made his online classes freely accessible on YouTube. With his courses, Chaiwala has been imparting his knowledge and experience to budding businesspeople. Chaiwala is renowned for his creative business concepts and profitable ventures. Anyone with an internet connection can attend the courses now that they are free and benefit from Chaiwala’s experience. The following is a list of the courses that are currently offered on YouTube:

This course will teach you everything you need to know about the qualities that Amazon sellers seek in a virtual assistant—from listing management to reporting—when they want to hire someone to assist them with a task. With these skills, you can become a successful virtual assistant who consistently attracts clients. For more details click on

You will learn about digital media in this course, as well as how to reach your target audience through various social and digital channels. To get a complete grasp on this course, click on

In this course you will learn about layers, the Timeline panel, compositions, the Project Panel ‘Links panel,’ animation concepts, keyframes, basic video editing, basic animation, easing, and time stretching. You will also become familiar with After Effects’ user interface. To learn more click on

This course focuses on the use ofsoftware such as Final Cut Pro, PowerDirector, or Adobe Premiere Pro to enhance visual works. For more details visit

This course will teach you how to establish an online presence, create engaging posts, build a growing Facebook community, and manage social media accounts efficiently. If you want to learn more about this course then visit

This course is focused on the basics of vector graphics and design with CorelDRAW, and develop your edge as a designer. Click on learn more.

In this course you will learn various signs, typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, advertising, animation, colour, electronic resources, and creating while imparting knowledge of the essential concepts of graphic design. To learn more about graphic designing click on

This course is designed to help individuals and businesses succeed in adobe illustrator. You can visit to learn more skills.

You will learn everything from affiliate marketing to course creation, email marketing and list building, sales funnels, and much, much more. Visit for more information.

In this course you will learn programming basics like variables, loops, strings, tuples, functions, classes and more. Visit to start this course.

This course is designed to help individuals learn the basics including conditions, loops, functions, objects, arrays, and ES6. To learn these skills click on

This course is designed to help individuals to createsome of the world’s most popular video games. Formore details click on

Chaiwala’s decision to make these courses available for free on YouTube is a generous gesture that will benefit many aspiring entrepreneurs and learners around the world.

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