Sunday, October 1, 2023

IMF Agreed To Give Relief Of Rs 15 Billion In Electricity Bills

The IMF has agreed to give relief of Rs 15 billion in electricity bills. According to the details, sources say that after being satisfied with the performance of the FBR, the IMF approved a relief of 15 billion rupees in electricity bills.

According to sources, FBR played an important role in providing relief in electricity bills, The Federal Board of Revenue collected more tax of Rs 20 billion in 2 months, while Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar Haq Kakar, Caretaker Finance Minister, and Caretaker Minister Energy Muhammad Ali’s tireless efforts were also included in it.

IMF has approved Rs 3 to Rs 4 relief for consumers of up to 200 units of electricity. According to sources, the IMF has stipulated that there will be no relief for consumers with 400 units of electricity.

Along with giving relief to electricity consumers who use fewer units, the IMF has also demanded a 45 to 50 percent hike in gas prices, the final approval of which will be taken from the federal cabinet.

The federal cabinet will give final approval for late payments and relief. It should be noted that the relief in electricity bills will be only for the bills of August. 10% penalty will not be imposed for late payments.

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