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Import of stolen automobiles been declared illegal by the government

The federal tax ombudsman has deemed unconstitutional the Federal Board of Revenue’s Customs authorities’ decision to clear stolen imported cars under the Transfer of Residence, Baggage Scheme, or Gift Scheme upon payment of redemption fines and taxes without following any legal provisions.

The Federal Tax Ombudsman Islamabad determined in an own motion inquiry that the decision made in the then CBR (FBR) Customs Conference of 02.08.2006 was unconstitutional.

The Investigative Committee of the FTO has emphasised that such decisions will promote illicit imports of the stolen automobiles and facilitate international criminal activities without proper legal procedures.

The FTO filed notices to the Federal Revenue Board in this context. The FBR provided a report indicating that six and three of the automobiles imported in 2007 and 2013-2014 had been cleared by the Sialkot and Peshawar customs collectors.

FTO suggested to the FBR that all customs collectors and other authorities involved should immediately discontinue these illegal actions.

The Customs officials decided that the stolen import automobiles should either be returned or disposed of in public auction to the authorities in the country from which the vehicles were taken after expenses had been paid.

The committee also suggested that the FBR instruct the MCC to take six vehicles identified and to bring the importers involved in such criminal enterprises to justice in an acceptable way. Within 45 days the FTO asked the authorities to produce a report.

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