Sunday, April 21, 2024

Punjab government announces a cash reward of Rs.2.5 million for gold medalist Haidar Ali

Haider Ali, who won Pakistan a gold medal at the Tokyan Paralympics, the Punjab government announced the financial reward of 2,5 million Rs.

Rai Taemur Bhatti, Punjab Sport Minister, said Haider Ali has proudly awarded the Japanese Paralympic gold medal to the entire nation.

In his fifth effort of the six he attempted to get the best distance, Haider throwed a length of 55,26 metres.

The silver medal was won in 52.43 metres by Zhabnyak of Ukraine, while 51.86 in bronze won by Teixeira de Souza.

Previously, Haider had won two medals in the long jump event for Pakistan, a silver in Beijing and a bronze in Rio.

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