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Imports of mobile phones, telecom apparatus surge to $2.33 bn

According to the sources, import of mobile phones & other telecommunication devices and tools to Pakistan increased 47 % in the first 11 months of current financial year 2020-21 as capacity and bulk of telecom imports surged to US$ 2.337 billion.

As per the information given by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, total value of telecommunication imports reached at $2.337 billion that is 47.18 % higher in comparison to corresponding period of previous financial year, July-May 2019-20 when mobile phones & other telecom gadgets worth $1.587 billion were imported by Pakistan.

The data showed 63.4 percent increase growth in import of mobile phones in the duration of July-May 2020-21 as import of mobile phones reached $1,860.49 million. In the first 11 months of fiscal year 2019-20, $ 1,138.641 million were spent on import of mobile phones.

Import of other telecommunication devices expanded 6.1 % to $ 476.709 million in 11 months of FY20-21 contrasted with to $449.299 million in comparing the time of the past monetary year.

Month-to-month imports of the telecommunication sub sector remained at $ 220.696 million showing 38.87% increment over May 2020 and 14.27 % growth over April 2021. In May 2020 volume of telecom imports was recorded $ 193.137 million also in April 2021 the volume remained $158.925 million.

During May 2021, Pakistan imported cell phones worth $175.501 million & other telecom devices of $45.195 million representing 17.79% & 2.38 % growth over April 2021. In the last month –April 2021- import volume of cellular phones remained at $148.992 while other devices amounting to $44.145 million were imported as well.

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