Friday, December 8, 2023

In 2016, Domino’s Tested Pizza Delivery Via Reindeer in Japan

Domino’s Japan tried a unique idea of using reindeer for pizza delivery in challenging Hokkaido conditions. But, just one week after starting, they had to stop the program.

The reindeer caused problems by shaking their antlers, not stopping at delivery points, and making pizzas fall out of their pouches. So, Domino’s decided to return the reindeer to their natural home.

But, they didn’t give up the festive idea. Now, they have scooter deliveries with drivers dressed as reindeer, wearing antlers and fluffy tails. The reindeer delivery was meant to show off their GPS-based delivery service, so customers can track their pizza on an app, while the reindeer added a fun twist for tough weather.

People had different reactions on social media. Some worried about the reindeer, while others wondered how to tip the scooter-riding “reindeer” and jokingly asked if they’d eat all the pizzas.

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