Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Increase in Exports Cause Historic Hike in Vegetable Prices

A recently revealed government document sheds light on the significant surge in vegetable prices in the country, pointing to a substantial increase in vegetable exports. In December of the previous year, there was a remarkable 232 percent surge in vegetable exports, with over 92,000 metric tonnes being shipped abroad.

The value of these vegetable exports reached 11.46 billion rupees in December, marking a substantial rise compared to the 3.45 billion rupees recorded in the previous financial year. This surge in exports played a key role in driving up vegetable prices domestically.

Additionally, the document highlights an 86 percent increase in vegetable exports when compared to November, where the value of exports exceeded six billion rupees, as reported by the government.

The escalating trend in vegetable exports is identified as a major contributing factor to the challenges faced by local consumers dealing with heightened vegetable prices in the market.

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