Sunday, May 19, 2024

India Getting Another Tesla EV Plants Where as Pakistan’s Suzuki, Toyota Honda at Verge of Shutdown

In an exciting development, Tesla executives, including supply chain managers, are meeting with senior Indian officials as the business gets ready to make its imprint in India. The topic of discussion centres on Tesla’s reopened negotiations with India, where the company has suggested building a new factory for electric vehicles (EVs). The facility is designed to support both domestic and international sales.

This action follows the EV manufacturer’s temporary shelving of its India plans from the previous year, when it sought lower import duties. India, on the other hand, has voiced objection to the import of Tesla automobiles and has requested that the manufacturer build its cars using completely knocked-down (CKD) components. Tesla is steadfast in its efforts to enter the lucrative Indian market and plans to increase its supply base there despite these difficulties.

Meanwhile in Pakistan major Auto industries including Suzuki, Honda and Toyota are near around to shutdown as the economic stability in the Pakistan is not getting balance and the rates have reached to the maximum. The import is also ban and the cars are not manufacturing in Pakistan anymore.

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