Wednesday, May 22, 2024

India Reportedly Won’t Travel to Pakistan for Champions Trophy 2025

India’s involvement in the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy, scheduled to take place in Pakistan, is still up in the air. There’s talk that the tournament might move to a different location or use a mix of venues.

If the Champions Trophy happens in Pakistan, it would mark a big moment for Pakistani cricket, as they haven’t hosted a major international tournament since the 1996 World Cup. The cricket stadiums in Pakistan are getting upgraded for the event.

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mohsin Naqvi, has said they are open to having a series with India if India also joins the Champions Trophy in Pakistan. However, India has once again said they’re not interested in playing a series against Pakistan and might not even send a team for the ICC event next year.

A source mentioned, “Don’t even think about a series between India and Pakistan… There’s a big question mark on whether India will even come to Pakistan for the Champions Trophy.

There’s talk about changing the venue, and they’re also thinking about a mix of venues.” The source added that the Indian cricket board would need government approval for the team to travel to Pakistan, given the current relations between the two countries.

Even though the Champions Trophy is organized by the ICC, India’s participation depends on the government’s decision. A series between India and Pakistan doesn’t seem likely anytime soon, given the current situation.

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