Friday, September 29, 2023

Indian Actor Gippy Agarwal Announces Shooting Schedule for Movie “Jine Lahore Ni Vekhya”

Indian Punjabi actor and producer, Gippy Grewal, has become an inspiration for both the film industries of Pakistan and India. His successful experiment has led them to adopt a similar approach in creating films that bring joy and laughter to audiences in both countries.

One such example is the film “Super Punjabi,” which has followed Gippy Grewal’s path by presenting a fun-filled storyline that resonates with people on both sides of the border.

Gippy Grewal recently shared his plans to visit Pakistan for the shooting of his upcoming film, “Jine Lahore Nai Vekhya,” which will be filmed in Lahore. He expressed his desire to bring happiness and laughter through this cross-border exchange, emphasizing the importance of building cultural connections between the two nations.

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