Sunday, October 1, 2023

Pakistan Launch First AI TV Talk Show Hosted by Pakistan’s First AI Anchors

Pakistan has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in AI technology by introducing the world’s first AI talk show called “AI TALK.” The show is hosted by an AI anchor named Dr. Kaiser and includes foreign AIs and a Pakistani AI as guest analysts.

Dr. Kaiser Rafiq, the CEO of Discover Pakistan HD TV, had a visionary idea to create a human-like AI with over 700 facial and body movements, along with his cloned voice. The show’s realistic presentation impressed viewers, especially when the real Dr. Kaiser appeared and interacted with his own AI.

Discover Pakistan announced that “AI TALK” will be a regular feature and a game-changer for the media industry. They aim to showcase the potential of AI without replacing human anchors. Dr. Kaiser Rafiq also revealed plans to use AI for promoting tourism and education in Pakistan.

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