Tuesday, June 25, 2024

inDrive Hosts Successful Driver’s Training Session with Helmet Distribution

inDrive successfully organized a comprehensive driver’s training session and helmet distribution event in Karachi, reinforcing our commitment to road safety and responsible driving practices. The event brings together a diverse group of drivers, passengers, and esteemed guests.

The training session was graced by the presence of Honorable Guests SSP South Mr. Abid Hussain Qaimkhani and Dr. Abid Jalal Uddin Shaikh, Director General of Rescue 1122 Sindh. Their valuable insights and support were instrumental in highlighting the importance of road safety measures and the use of protective gear.

During the event, participants received in-depth training on safe driving techniques, the importance of adhering to traffic rules, and the critical role of helmets in preventing injuries. Helmets were distributed to drivers and for passengers, emphasizing the need for consistent safety practices.

Dr. Abid Jalal Uddin Shaikh praised inDrive’s initiative, stating, “This event is a significant step towards enhancing road safety in our community. Ensuring that drivers are well-trained and equipped with necessary safety gear can save lives and reduce the risk of accidents.”

SSP South Mr. Abid Hussain Qaimkhani added, “The law enforcement agencies appreciate inDrive’s effort for promoting a culture of safety. We appreciate inDrive’s proactive approach and look forward to partnerships with inDirve in the future for betterment of driver’s and traffic safety.”

GTM inDrive Hassan Zaman shared a statement about the event highlighting  ”Ensuring the safety of our users is our highest priority, leading us to make strategic investments in this area. We have introduced a suite of safety features, including comprehensive insurance coverage, a Hidden Number feature, real-time location sharing, and more, to provide a secure and confident experience for everyone. Our safety training and helmet distribution further demonstrate our commitment to driver education and safety.”

In addition to road safety, the event also addressed the mental well-being of drivers. Stress management techniques and resources for mental health support were discussed, recognizing that a mentally healthy driver is a safer driver. Ensuring the mental well-being of drivers is essential for maintaining focus, making sound decisions on the road, and fostering a positive driving environment.

The event concluded with a strong message of commitment to road safety and a call to action for all drivers to prioritize safety on the roads. inDrive remains dedicated to supporting its drivers and passengers through ongoing training programs and safety initiatives. It is also an impressive milestone set by inDrive and other competitors in similar industry has to learn from their actions and commitment to support communities.

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