Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Azam Khan Removes all Pictures, Videos from Instagram Account

Pakistani cricketer Azam Khan has recently made headlines by completely clearing his Instagram account, deleting all his posts. This move has led to widespread speculation among his fans and social media followers. Many are wondering if he decided to erase his posts due to the ongoing criticism he has faced about his fitness and his selection in Pakistan’s T20 World Cup squad.

Azam Khan has been a target of criticism, particularly concerning his weight. Despite this, he has demonstrated his cricketing skills in various T20 leagues, both within Pakistan and internationally.

His performances in these leagues have highlighted his potential and talent. Before deleting his posts, Azam was quite active on Instagram, regularly sharing pictures and videos that kept his followers engaged.

However, Azam has not provided any reasons or explanations for why he decided to clear his Instagram account. This silence has only fueled more speculation and curiosity among his followers and the cricketing community.

Although Azam Khan made his international debut three years ago, his journey in T20 Internationals (T20Is) for Pakistan has been challenging. He has struggled to make a significant impact, managing to score only 88 runs in 12 innings, with an average of 9.7. This performance has fallen short of expectations, especially given the potential he has shown in league cricket.

The cricketer’s recent action of deleting his Instagram posts has added another layer to the ongoing narrative around his career. Fans and critics alike are left to wonder about his future plans and whether this digital cleanse is a precursor to a fresh start, either personally or professionally.

In the meantime, Azam Khan’s supporters continue to hope for a turnaround in his international cricket career, looking forward to seeing him overcome challenges and showcase his talent on the global stage.

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