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Interesting Story Of Farhan Saeed And Urwa Hussain First Love

The beautiful artist couple of Lollywood, Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hussain are meant for each other, few people know and want to know their interesting story of love that started at first sight.

There are many beautiful couples in the Pakistani showbiz industry, among which famous singer and actor Farhan Saeed and actress and singer Urwa Hussain have a special status.

How the duo came to trust each other to become strangers, friends and then birthmates is all told in this report.

How did Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hussain meet?

The full name of singer Farhan Saeed, who has spread the magic of his voice all over the world including Pakistan, is Farhan Saeed Butt. He started his career as the lead singer of the Pakistani band Jal. He was only 17 years old when he started his career in Lahore. Joined pop rock band Jill as vocalist.

In 2011, Farhan left the Jal band to start his solo career in singing.

In 2014, Farhan started his acting career with the Pakistani drama, ‘De Ijazat Jo To’.

Farhan started his film career in 2022 with the film Tich Button.

On the other hand, Urwa Hussain started her career as a model and made her acting debut in 2012 with the Pakistani drama Khushboo Ka Ghar.

Urwa gained much fame with the role of ‘Mira’ in the drama serial ‘Parvaaz’ and the role of ‘Gudi’ in the drama ‘Mushk’.

In 2014, Urwa started her film career with the romantic comedy film ‘Na malum afrad’. In 2019, Urwa announced her first film as a producer, ‘Tich Button’, which was released in 2022.

Talking about the first meeting of Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hussain, both of them met through a mutual friend during a party in Lahore, both of them got along well in the first meeting and became good friends.

Talking about their first meeting, Urwa once said:

“That day will always rank among the most special and significant in my memory.”

Farhan Saeed’s proposal to Urwa Hussain

Farhan Saeed is very romantic, after the initial friendship Farhan and Urwa had blossomed and both started dating.

Farhan chose a very romantic place to propose to Urwa i.e. the Eiffel Tower in Paris where Farhan asked Urwa to marry him.

Urwa Hussain, while talking about this moment, said in an interview that:

“I’m a romantic at heart, and I’ll never forget the shock I felt when Farhan proposed to me.”

When Farhan proposed to Urwa, she immediately agreed.

Urwa says that my sister Mawra was also involved in Farhan’s plan to propose to me and she hid all this from me.

Talking about her reaction to Farhan’s proposal, Urwa said that it only took her three seconds to say yes because she was completely in love with him.

Marriage of Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hussain

Farhan and Urwa tied the knot in 2016 in a private and lavish ceremony at Badshahi Masjid.

There were three dholkis, a marriage ceremony, a Qawwali night, and a reception attended by celebrities at their wedding.

Farhan and Urwa’s wedding was also heavily criticized by many for being overly glamorous.

In an interview, Urwa spoke about the criticism of her marriage and said:

“I think it was my right as a bride to wear the dress of my choice and it was all for me only, it was all possible because of Farhan and my hard work, we earned money through hard work. and had spent it on ourselves, so it is proper that we should spend the money we have earned.”

Farhan and Urwa’s life after marriage

Farhan and Urwa have never hidden their relationship from their fans, she often shares on social media how happy and lucky she feels to have Farhan as her husband.

It should be noted that Urwa Hussain got married to Farhan when she was just 25 years old.

Rumors of divorce of Farhan and Urwa

In 2020, the news about Farhan and Urwa’s divorce first surfaced, several reports said that the couple had separated, but in 2022, during the promotion of the film Tich Button, Farhan reacted to the speculations by saying: That ‘there is no problem between us.’

The actor has previously stated that he and Urwa would like to keep their relationship private.

Later, on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr 2023, Urwa and Farhan dismissed all rumors of separation by posting beautiful pictures together.

These romantic pictures of this couple were a source of relief for their fans.

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