Saturday, April 20, 2024

IP Global, A Leading IT Services Provider Across 190+ Countries Raised Salaries up to 75% to Fight Back Inflation

Inter Prompt Global (IP Global) is a leading IT service provider headquartered in Poland, with a global presence in over 190 countries. Inter Prompt Global introduced the Cost-of-Living Allowance in its Pakistan branch in 2022 to combat inflation. This year, the company has announced another significant salary increase of up to 75% across the board, from facility staff to top management, to help its staff to cope up with rising living costs.

Given Pakistan’s difficult economic circumstances and the high inflation rates that have resulted, this step by IP Global is essential. Inflation can negatively impact financial stability, especially in developing nations where many people struggle to make ends meet. Companies that help their employees financially in such a setting can significantly improve their general well-being.

The choice made by IP Global to increase salaries in Pakistan is an excellent illustration of how seriously a company can take its social responsibilities. The action not only lessens the impact of inflation on workers but also raises morale and motivation, which have a good long-term effect on the business’s success.

The company’s commitment to ensuring the financial security of its workers serves as a model for other businesses to imitate. It conveys that companies can succeed while simultaneously being morally and socially responsible. Additionally, organisations prioritizing employee welfare are more likely to draw in and keep top talent, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

The dedication of IP Global to its staff is also demonstrated by the company’s international reach, which includes offices in the UAE, Pakistan, India UK and the USA. The company’s global reach allows it to leverage local expertise and provide customized solutions to clients worldwide.


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