Tuesday, November 28, 2023

iPhone 14 Crash Detection Feature Saves Driver’s Life After Car Fall from 400- Foot Cliff

On a Friday night in Los Angeles County, there was a serious car accident on Mt. Wilson Road. The driver lost control and went over a cliff, falling almost 400 feet. The driver was hurt and bleeding, but nobody saw the crash, and the driver couldn’t call for help.

Fortunately, the driver had an iPhone 14, which has a special feature called Crash Detection. The phone sensed the crash and automatically called 9-1-1 for emergency help. It also sent the GPS location to the rescue team. Even though there was no cell service in that remote area, the iPhone used satellite communication to send a text message with important information about the crash to the Apple Communications Center.

Thanks to the iPhone’s quick call for help, the Montrose Search and Rescue team could find the driver and save their life. The car was badly damaged at the bottom of the cliff, surrounded by trees. Without the automatic call from the iPhone, it could have taken much longer to find the driver in such a hard-to-reach place. This real-life event shows how important and life-saving technology in smartphones can be.

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